What is SEO? Does your website need it?

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What is SEO - MadkooWorld is getting smaller every day with World Wide Web spreading like wild fire. There is hardly a place on earth where people don’t have access to the internet. As per modest estimates over 2 billion humans congregate on internet every day. This party is always on and never sleeps.
It is undoubtedly the most crowded human interaction platform ever created.

Basically created to connect a group of few individuals, internet of today has as many applications as the stretch of imagination. From research to information sharing, from leisure and enjoyment to socializing, the range of possibilities is simply limitless.

The businesses have been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the commercial use of internet. Internet has provided them with the greatest marketing tool for reaching out to a global customer base. And it’s as easy as making a website where you post your product or services on offer to your target clients. Your buyers would just have to open a search engine, type a keyword, press enter and your site would appear in your client search results. Easy! Isn’t it?
Not so fast.

There would be loads of results displayed but your site may be missing from there. But why yours would be missing? Simple, your site isn’t SEO optimized. That’s why you need to understand what SEO is first.

SEO meaning - MadKoo

But… What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the simplest possible words it is to optimize your site in a way that it appears high on ranking and prominent in the search results. But why does it happen that some sites appear in the first page of search results while others are displayed on later pages?
That is the magic of SEO optimization. Some sites are configured smartly to appear prominently in search results when keywords relating to them are entered in search field by the user.

It is a smart manipulation of the search criteria and parameters set by search engines to categorize your site into a certain group. The search engines basically rely on certain keywords (and many other factors) to establish what should be presented to the users in search results for their query. The sites which qualify the criteria more efficiently are ranked higher in search results by the search engines. They appear earlier within the millions of search results offered to the user.

Why does your website need SEO Optimization?

Why does your website need SEOJust like any other promotion or ad, the success of your online marketing campaign would entirely depend upon how many people visit your page and view your product or service advertisement. More the number of views better are the chances of your business achieving online marketing success.
It is extremely important to remember that 70% of the users (perspective clients) would not go beyond first page display of search results. They won’t have the patience and time to pick out your company link from 3rd or 4th page of the search results. The idiom stands totally true here “an opportunity is never lost, it is taken by someone else”.



It is most important for you to work smartly and optimize your site or page with SEO tools. Many of such tools are freely available online on DIY (do it yourself) basis but modern SEO is not as simple. You would need an expert assistance to ensure quality SEO for your website. Wrongly optimized or over optimized sites (Black hat SEO) can face penalties from search engines and end up going offline (instead of appearing higher in rankings).

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