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SEO company Gold Coast

Do you have a new business? Or maybe you have an established firm but you need to spruce it up online? Whatever your case may be, there is a solution for you and that’s called Search Engine Optimisation, that’s where your new SEO company in Gold Coast comes up: Madkoo. Now you may wonder, what is SEO? And why should you hire someone to help you with something you’ve never heard of? Simply put, if you are not applying SEO strategies correctly, you are missing out on thousands of dollars’ worth of potential revenue.

So what is SEO then?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the manner by which a search engine, and by extension your customers, can find you. Very few people have or receive phone books anymore. So there is only one way that someone who has never heard of your business will find you and that’s through an internet search. If you do not exist online, then your business does not exist to the thousands of people who would want to receive your services or products. This is why there is a new SEO company in Gold Coast to help you with your SEO needs.

The internet kind of automatically organizes stuff for me so I don’t have to, right?

Wrong! The need to hire a SEO company for your business cannot be underestimated. Answer this, when was the last time you scrolled to the 4th or 5th page of a search result list? Not very often, right? When was the last time you went to the last page of a search result list? The answer is probably never; no one has. When you do not utilize SEO’s correctly, you are going to be overlooked and your potential customers will be the ones who lose.

SEO gold coast

So how can your new SEO Company in Gold Coast help?

According to online research, the first answer on a search result list gets over a third of all clicks. If you are number ten than you are probably getting around 2% of all clicks. Now 2% is not bad if you have tens of thousands of people looking, but isn’t 20% or even 35% better? This assumes you are even in the top ten which unless you learn to utilize SEOs you likely won’t be. This is why Madkoo has set up its SEO company in Gold Coast. By optimizing your site and SEO settings they will be able to improve your search rank and thus by extension your online traffic.

What are some things an SEO Company will do?

One important aspect of improving your search results is that you need to have a title that people want to click. Think of it like this, you have a sign that has 65 characters with which to attract your customers. An SEO company will be able to help make sure you don’t just end up on top but also appear as a reputable business that people want to click. After all, if your link looks boring or thoughtless, people will click others that look more professional.

What’s emotional appeal?

One tactic used to generate more clicks is to have the title not just be clear and concise but also moving or something that evokes an emotional response. For instance, would you click on a business that merely says: SEO business, favorable and reputable, or SEO business, make your company millions? One implies that it is good, but the other gives an emotional appeal based on you. Basically think of it like this, does your website title tag focus on you or your customer? Your new SEO Company in Gold Coast, Madkoo can help you make that emotional appeal that will get you more clicks.

Should I design my website to enhance my SEO?

SEO company Gold CoastGood web design is key to good SEO. Does your site have too many ads? Does it include the key words that you need? Your whole site needs to be geared not just towards your service but also towards reaching customers. Every aspect needs to be enhanced, and designed around the core focus of generating more online clicks and views. The more people who see what you offer, the better your odds of a sale. This is why Madkoo also offers web design and web development as part of their services.

Madkoo provides the full package and if you use all the tips and tricks in their online tool box, you will see your visibility increase, generating greater interest in your business online and though social media. As your online presence grows, your customer base will as well. So do not neglect your Search Engine Optimization or put it off for tomorrow, start getting more business today! Contact us Now!

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