New Instagram update: What’s New in the Instagram Algorithm?

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New Instagram update

You may have heard the rumors that change is coming to Instagram. They are going to be tweaking the news feed and that they will be suppressing your beloved chronologically ordered feed. What could they even replace such an amazingly simply process with? Perhaps something you’ll like even better.

It may be hard for some of us to remember but there was a time before Facebook and Instagram when social networking was something you did at the pub. These platforms brought huge change in how we live and interact with each other. The Facebook you use today is nothing like the one from 2006. It has changed a lot over the years, and for the better. You can now leave conversations you get tagged in and there is more than just a like button.

The good news is that some of these positive changes are now coming to Instagram. Instagram’s parent company is Facebook, and in the desire to keep making their products better, easy to use, and more tailored to you as an individual, the programing algorithms get updated. This is the change that is proposed to occur to Instagram.

So what will the change be?

new Instagram updateSimply put, instead of viewing items in your feed based on when they were posted, the newly proposed Instagram algorithm will rank items based on what you would like to see. As the program learns your likes and dislikes, news feed stories you like more will be the ones you see the most. Now, some people are worried that they will miss stuff they feel is important but actually this change is designed to do the reverse.

When everything is viewed in order of when posted, your favorite post of the day may have been put up hours ago but all the other posts have buried it. With this program, it will actually bring to the top of the list what you are most likely to want to see. Instagram studies show that on average you miss about 70% of what’s in your news feed. Think of all the great stuff that got piled on by later users just because it chronological. Now you will see more of what you like and less of what you don’t. It’s not made to suppress your feed, it’s made to enhance it specifically for you!

High quality will be the norm

You may be surprised to learn that when brands, bands, or anyone trying to get your attention on Instagram post something it’s the same in everyone’s feed. These brands don’t have a way to target your interests or desires so they just make ‘one size fits all’ advertisements hoping that someone clicks. However, with a user driven algorithm that is made just for you, brands will have to step up their game and so will your Instagram friends!

Right now with equal opportunity for you to see the good and the bad, what you see is based on the luck of when someone posted. Now with user driven algorithms, everything you see will be geared towards you. This means that brands and people who want to make the cut in your feed have to produce posts that you are likely to like. So instead of a clothing brand trying to market a product shotgun style, spraying every feed with the exact same information, you will see what you like and what you want. This also means an improvement in the quality of all brands and posts. Since brands will need to target you as an individual, they will step up their game to offer you brands and styles that reflect your interests.

Change is good - Madkoo

Change is good!

Still up in the air about change? Not only is change good, it is also inevitable. The history of social media shows that there is always an initial uproar about proposed changes but most of the complaints come before it even occurs. Once the change has been made and people start to notice the improvement then the fervor dies down and people even notice the improvement.

So don’t be afraid of change; after all, it is change that brought us Instagram in the first place and the experience will just keep getting better with time.


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